Founded by Baron Baptiste,  Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and spirituality.  This accessible, yet challenging and flowing form of yoga will lead you to a state of transformation.  Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga heals as it detoxifies.  It will sculpt, tone and hone the muscles of your body and your mind.   You will be in touch with your true spirit.

The Baptiste Methodology Practice is based in asana, mediation and self-inquiry.  We believe:   We are ready now,  We are a Yes, and We drop what we must.   Anjali Power Yoga teaches classes focusing on the practice of  the Five Pillars of the Practice:  Breath (ujjayi), Foundation, (udiayana bandha), Focus (drishti), Heat (tapas), and Flow (vinyasa).   True North Alignment is an integral part of the practice.

Classes are based on the component parts of the Baptiste Journey Into Power flow.   This invigorating vinyasa sequence works for all ages, body types, and physical abilities because it is not fixed; it is adaptable to every student.   Within the consistency of this proven structure, there are many modifications and variations that serve the needs of all experience levels. Get ready to take your practice seriously but yourself lightly, as you explore your edge, discover your strength, and awaken your spirit!  Read more about Baron Baptiste

Baron Baptiste

For more than 25 years, Baron Baptiste has devoted his life to creating and sharing transformational yoga practices and programs. He shares the Baptiste Yoga methodology through workshops, books, yoga teacher trainings and his continued work with non-profit organizations.

An entrepreneur and visionary, Baron is committed to sharing Baptiste Yoga in ways that make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people across the planet. His approach to yoga has been a catalyst for society’s acceptance of yoga as a popular practice and is now being used by millions of people globally.