The 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program, as outlined in this book, is a “breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul” and so much more. Feeling stuck in your life? Randomly read one of the 12 Laws of Transformation for a new perspective. Feeling stuck in your practice? Each week has detailed description of alignment pointers and poses for you to try. Had a personal transformation and are not sure what happens next? The Daily Practices provide powerful insights into how to incorporate and maintain new healthy life practices into your daily life.

I love this book because I can come back to it and read it every year, and every year I gain a new insight. I read this book for inspiration for class (in the studio and in my work at the Camden County Correctional Facility and. Youth Detention Center), to help me work through relationship questions I may have with myself or others, and to get re-connected with my purpose when I feel I’m getting stuck in the weeds. I am re-reading 40 Days to Personal Revolution again the month because the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program begins Wednesday October 16th at Anjali Westmont with Joy, and I am participating.  

The program is from Wednesday October 16th (new start date!!) to Wednesday November 20th with a 12-1pm 40 Days to Personal Revolution Inspired Practice (Open to All) followed by a 1:15-2:45pm 40 Days to Personal Revolution Meeting (Participants Only). Despite everything that is going on with my life (healing a broken ankle, dentists appointments, turning 35, and the Mystical Marrakech Retreat) I still plan to participate fully as I am right now because I will always have an excuse, and right now is all I have too start creating what I want for my life <3