At Anjali Power Yoga, we practice Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Bring a mat (or you can borrow one at the studio), a towel and water. You will SWEAT, so hydrate before class. Our yoga practice is based on the Baptiste Methodology of Meditation, Self Inquiry, and Asana. Anjali Power Yoga in South Jersey begins with your abilities, whatever they may be, and steadily builds your practice to a place that allows you to authentically experience the yogic rewards of strength, joy, peace and love.

Anjali’s strong community of leaders and students will leave you inspired, transformed and your heart will be open to all that is possible in your life and your practice! You will be lead by Anjali Power Yoga teachers who are all 200 Hour Certified, most through our very own Anjali Power Yoga Teacher Leader Training, and who have gained mastery through additional Baptiste Institute Programs! Please visit and join our community as we expand and ignite with powerful, dynamic and transformative yoga classes. We also hold a top-rated yoga teacher training in NJ at our Westmont yoga studio.

 5 Top Reasons To Do Yoga AT OUR Studio

There are many reasons why people do yoga and they definitely vary from one person to the next. However, there are 5 of the top reasons why many people practice power yoga, including the following.

1. Yoga offers many physical benefits.

When you practice an intensive yoga forms like Power Yoga, Power Vinyasa, and Hot Yoga will definitely make changes and improvements to your body. You will lose weight and tone and strengthen your body.

An added benefit is that as your body continues to grow stronger, your mind will also. You will end up developing increased self-awareness, patience, and focus.

2. Yoga relieves stress.

When you practice yoga it causes you to breathe in a different way and you learn how to use this breathing in everyday situations. Taking deep breaths helps you learn how to better control your emotions in a number of situations, including stressful moments.

3. Yoga provides pain relief.

When yoga is practice under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable teacher may be used as alternative pain management. There have been many studies that have shown that yoga has beneficial effects for patients with heart disease, headaches, difficult pregnancies, arthritis, back pain and more.

Yoga also can benefit pains that you didn't even know you were aware you had. It can help to cleanse and energize your digestive system, your joints become more lubricated and limber and your circulation improves. Yoga also helps to build your immunity, and that can result in fewer days of pain from illnesses such as flu and colds.

4. Yoga may connect you to your chosen Divine.

Yoga practice is much more than asanas (postures). The Namastes, the calmness, the calls to meditation, reflection, and relaxation and will help you feel and think more spiritual.

Spiritual can mean a number of things: it might mean becoming more centered or being religious, it might mean being connected with the Universe, or it could mean being more reverent in the way you would like to be with your religious, with nature, your time, or whatever has great meaning for you.

5. Yoga gives you time that is just for you.

That might sound selfish, but how much time do you actually ever yourself to just simply be and disconnect from everything? Unless you are already practicing yoga or some other form of relaxation, you probably spend all of your time working and doing things for others without a lot of time for yourself.

When you practice yoga, you can take 60 minutes for yourself, and get on your ma and breathe deeply so that your body has a chance to let everything go or sort things out. During that time you can become a better person, both physically and mentally.

When you first start to practice yoga, those 60 minutes a couple of times a week might seem like quite a long time, but you reach the point where you just can't get enough of it. You will want to make changes to your life so you always have time to do yoga.


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