By Andrea Ippolito 9/19/18 

Today is my 50th Birthday. (I still laugh every time I say that number) I am sitting on the beach taking in all of the sights, sounds and smells of this glorious end of summer day. This is my happy place. Avé and I just finished a cartwheel challenge. She won and is still cartwheeling across the beach and running though the water living life to the fullest. This kid is my role model.

Last year on my 49th Birthday I did my first handstand. It was by no means social media picture perfect, on a beach with the sun glistening in the background, but for me it was a life changer. Not for what it looked like but for what I had created on my mat- POSSIBILITY! All stemming from the 3 Themes of Baptste Yoga 

Give up what you must
You are Ready NOW

As Corey led us through Inversions, I decided that today was the day. I crawled my feet up facing the wall.

I Am a Yes! I am going to do it! I was down to just one toe against the wall. I played with that, alternating each big toe against the wall with my other foot suspended in the air.
I Give up Fear- a fear that I’ve carried with me for far too long, and, through self inquiry, discovered that it had seeped into every aspect of my life.

I Am Ready Now! And there it was! For a split second I was flying ! That Aha Moment I had been working for! 

On the other side of fear I found Freedom, and it was sweet! I declared the year “ The Year of Yes!” Those of you who attend the classes I lead know this declaration all too well. 

It’s amazing how the Universe will give you what you ask for when you are open to all it has to offer. It isn’t always the easy road or packaged neatly and tied with a pretty bow. In fact, it was quite the opposite but I kept doing the work. 

The official New Year presented some unexpected challenges but from this, space was created. An opportunity arose to attend Level 1 training in Sedona. I responded to the email that I was a YES and got the call on New Year’s Eve. Going into Level 1, I was in a fragile emotional state due to some personal family struggles. I was met with kindness, compassion and lots of hugs from my Baptiste Global Community. Level 1 gave me the tools as well as the strength and courage I needed to come home and help my family to heal. 

To Cheryl ( Mama Bear) for all of your guidance and love (sometimes tough love when I need it), I am eternally grateful. For creating the Anjali community who has become family, giving me time and space to heal, helping to make it possible for me to attend Level 1, and for giving me a place to share my joy and love for a practice that has transformed me and my life , I thank you. 

As I enter into the “ Mid Century Modern Age” I will move forward with enthusiasm, an open heart, and fearlessness. I Am A YES- for all that I want from this life

I Give Up- Counting! Age is just a number. I Am Ready Now! Bring it! 

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