By Joy Rhyne

On a recent 3 day adventure to Arkansas. I went flying head first, over my handlebars. Jarring my neck and crashing down hard on my entire left side of my body. I was immediately grateful for the helmet on my head and my next thought was, “Oh shit! I missed that turn BIG time and “OUCH, I’m hurting!” I did a quick body scan and it registered that nothing was broken. Cut, scratched and bruised but not broken. Advil, arnica, ice and epsom salt bath on repeat. Plus, multiple chiropractor appointments later and I was back on my mat. I was sore. At first, I celebrated the poses I could still do but then it was like my head/thoughts crash landing again. Every pose hurt or if it didn’t I had lost range of motion. I was stuck in comparing how the poses and my practice felt before my Evil Knieval epic fail/fall and it continued. I was stuck in the muck of comparison.

Five days later, practicing on my mat again an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment washed out of my sweaty vinyasa. My thoughts were something like this, just “Be”, Joy. Stop comparing every pose to the past. Be here now. Breath. Reset. Stop Comparing again. Breath. All is coming. Breath and move and practice from a place of what really matters to you. And oh yeah, what is that quote? The one about comparison... “Comparison is the thief of Joy” Shit! Shit! Shit! I speak those words to my students. BOOM! Smashed again but this time, my heart got rammed. Release comparison. Put it down. Let your body heal. And then a lightening bolt of truth splashed down on me for the third unraveling of this accident. While you’re dropping comparison of your poses, why not stop comparing NJ and KS. Oooh that stung. The impact jolted me. Drop all comparison, it is not serving you. And I started to repeat the pillars and let the healing begin. Put your drishti on your breath and the core of what really matters to you. What lights you up? What fuels your fire? My answers: family, teaching yoga and nature. Live and flow from that place no matter what state you are in, literally and physically. Drop comparison and replace it with connection to your passion. Ride connection, take that for a spin. Hike from that place and heal.

Happy Trails!

Namaste, Joy

Special thanks @anjalipower yoga for my foundation and @coreenergyyoga for their open arms and space to be my messy self.