By Lauren Klaus

Anjali Power Yoga had the opportunity to welcome two amazing people visiting from Africa Yoga Projects (AYP) Handstands, Hugs and Happiness Tour, David and Mary. I had the pleasure of spending time with them on and off my mat and boy did I learn a lot. Their energy was off the charts and their love was radiant. They embraced everyone they met with a warm hug and so much gratitude. 

As we were talking and getting to know one another I asked what is the biggest difference you see between here and home and you know what they both said, “you are all so serious”. I laughed so hard knowing how true that was. I recently completed my 200 hour teacher training program at Anjali and have been fighting to be more mindful and not take myself and my practice so seriously. 

When David and Mary responded with that, I immediately thought of the kids I watch and teach, how they breeze through their lives fearless and willing to do everything. Why can’t we be more like that? They find joy in the smallest things. We have been told throughout our lives from people, and media, that we must have, look, and be better then those around us. The pressure we put on ourselves can at times consume us. We have the choice to give in to expectations or let them be. 

When we choose to let them be, we live authentically. When I choose not to worry about the pictures taken of me during the AYP visit and whether or not my dancer’s pose was “right,” I am choosing to live authentically. I am choosing to let it be. I’m not taking life so seriously. We only get one shot at this. There is no point in wasting energy trying to have, look, or be better than others. I would rather spend my energy on something positive; helping others, teaching yoga and teaching children. 

We are all in this together. I invite you all to let it be. Drop expectation. Don’t take life too seriously.