The month of February is the month of love, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, I reflect on the celebration of love in the Anjali Community. 

The practice of yoga changed my life, from a cycle of depression to being able to live in grace and let go of that which left me in a puddle of tears and a broken heart.  It wasn’t until finding a powerful teacher and practice in my most cherished place, the beach, that I began searching for a similar practice at home.   That journey led me to the practice of Baptiste Yoga. Heading to a Baptiste training with a dream, it was there, practicing next to Baron Baptiste for an entire weekend, where I found the courage to take action. I was inspired to make my dream of creating the first power yoga studio in the area where I lived into a reality.   

Two things pop out for me in my cherished journal from that amazing experience, “if you can, you must” written with a big X over the IF. This turned into “YOU can you MUST!”   

My journal was filled with names of the “dream studio,”  but when Baron said Anjali Mudra my own heart jumped! My broken heart, healed through the heat, flow, and breath, allowed me to focus and the foundation of the Anjali Community was built. The Anjali Mudra, heart center and the gesture of our hands to the heart, symbolizes the opening of our hearts. Opening our hearts allows us freedom to let go and let in all the beauty of the world into our lives. The rest of the story is work, hard work!   

I invite you to choose fearless love and open your heart and share the love that the Anjali yogis, teachers, and staff have created at Anjali since 2009. Spread your love out into the world, you never know what dreams might come true!

I commit to choose fearless love and open my heart to the abundance of life. I don’t just wish for it, I do the work.  

Om Shanti, Shanti, with love, Cheryl