Step into your power!

The Anjali Power Yoga Mentoring Program is a 6 week program where you work one on one with an Anjali Power Yoga Teacher who is a Certified Baptiste or in process, having attended the Baptiste Institute Level 1, Level 2, and Art of Assisting and other programs. The program is about supporting you in a safe environment and helping you to create confidence by empowering you to TEACH! Each week you will teach a section of the Anjali Power Yoga/Journey Into Power Sequence, receive feedback from your Mentor, and then have the opportunity to apply it in the next class! You will touch base with your Mentor weekly and practice self-inquiry and meditation to find what might be holding your back from being the most POWERFUL teacher you can be!



  • Completed all requirements of the 200 hour Anjali Teacher Training, a 200RYT Baptiste Style Teacher Training, or another comparable Teacher Training.

  • Memorized the Anjali Power Yoga/Journey Into Power 90 Minute Sequence and the timing of a 60 and 75 minute class.

  • Experience assisting students in a class setting.



  • $450 for Anjali Power Yoga Teacher Leader Training Graduates

  • $650 for graduates from another Certified Yoga Teacher Training. *Negotiable based on type of Certified Teacher Training taken and if mentoring program will take longer to complete than 6 weeks*

 *includes unlimited yoga from receipt of payment to end of Mentoring Program*


  • Mentor will work with you to set up a schedule of co-teaching twice a week for 6 weeks. This schedule will provide you with the sequence or sequences you are teaching and reteaching for each week of Mentoring and be your guide. You will teach the Anjali Power Yoga/Journey Into Power Sequence during ALL mentoring sessions. You will assist the entire class and follow the Anjali Assisting Guidelines. Be ready for anything!

  • Mentor will set up a weekly 15-30 minute Touch Base with you. The purpose of this touch base is your opportunity to discuss your feedback, how things are landing with you, concerns you have, what you may want more of or less of. These are important meetings not to be missed. This meeting can be Face to Face, Skype Call or Phone call. You will keep a journal.

  • After your Mentoring Sessions have been completed, it will be recommended by your Mentor to move to your final step with is your Magic Carpet. This is live class taught at the studio where Anjali Teachers, Mentors, students come to experience you teaching live. It will be and hour or 75 minutes and your Mentor will support you with live feedback. You will work together with your Mentor to find a time for it to be placed on the schedule. You will spend 15-20 minutes after the class in Feedback. Please be ready for anything at anytime.

  • After the Magic Carpet you will be recommended to teach in the Anjali Power Yoga Studios if that is your desire, or given tools on where you need to grow. Your journey isn’t over, it is just beginning!


If you are interested in the Anjali Power Yoga Mentoring Program, please contact us HERE